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Alluvial Gold Mining In Otago Department Of Geology

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Research Article Lithostratigraphy Of Goldbearing

better understanding of Quaternary geology and placer gold resources in the Central Otago goldfield. Geological setting The Central Otago goldfield occurs mainly in the catchment of the Clutha River Figs 1A 1C, and the active river bed of the Clutha River itself has been an important locus of alluvial gold mining Williams 1974. In addition ...

Alluvial Gold Exploration

Alluvial gold mining in Otago, Gold in Otago, Department of Geology . Alluvial gold mining in Otago 1. Old alluvial workings in 20 million year old gravels uplifted about 1000 metres above sea level on the Criffel Range near Wanaka.

Pdf Eluvial Gold Placer Formation On Actively Rising

Eluvial gold deposits in Central Otago, New Zealand, have formed and are still forming on the flanks of actively rising antiformal mountain ranges. These gold deposits are derived mainly by erosion and concentration of fine-grained 500 m

Csiro Publishing Marine And Freshwater Research

Blue Lake is an abandoned, water-filled alluvial gold-mine pit in Central Otago, New Zealand. Alluvial gold mining is generally considered to be chemically benign, unless mercury is added to assist gold separation. The major element, trace metal and isotopic composition of the pit lake was compared to nearby, unaffected streams. Blue Lake was found to be enriched in the major cations, with ...

Gold Rush And Gold Mining A University Of

Feb 05, 2015 This thesis is an attempt to marry my experience as a mining engineer in alluvial gold and tin with the discipline of history, and the history of gold rushes in particular. My particular approach is to examine the role of mining as a successor to gold rushing. In this, Gabriels Gully and the Blue Spur were an appropriate example to study as they

Twostage Structural Development Of A Paleozoic

mined historically, although production in Otago was gener-ally small compared to nearby alluvial gold mining Williams 1974. Historic mining of the mesothermal systems in both Otago and Westland focused on gold-bearing quartz veins that formed along faults and fractures in the host metasedimentary rocks Williams 1974 Christie amp Brathwaite ...

The Mercury And Silver Contents Of Gold In Quartz Vein

Geology Department University of Otago P.O. Box 56 Dunedin, New Zealand dave.crawstonebow.otago.ac.nz Abstract A regional study of gold from Otago Schist vein deposits from both Caples and Torlesse Terranes has revealed the presence of both Au-Ag and Au-Ag-Hg alloys in both terranes. Almost all Hg-bearing gold occurs in east Otago vein

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Jan 02, 2021 Alluvial gold mining in Otago, Gold in Otago article Department of Geology, University of Otago Environmental aspects of mining gold in Otago, Gold in Otago, Environmental standards of Otagos pioneering Europeans were low, and mining activity was essentially unconstrained. The scars still remain from this era because revegetation in ...

Douglas Mackenzie Professional Practice Fellow Bsc

Jun 01, 2008 Douglas James MacKenzie is a Professional Practice Fellow and consultant affiliated with the Department of Geology, University of Otago. ... hard rock and alluvial gold mining

Public Gold Fossicking Areas New Zealand Gold

Areas set aside for recreational gold fossicking that are administered by the Department of Conservation. Some of these areas are equipped with picnic, barbecue and camping facilities and have good public access. Alluvial gold is present within all these gold fossicking areas, although the concentrations are often low.

Mineralized Samples Macraes Flat Geology Of Sample Sites

The Macraes Mine is the most significant deposit in the Otago Schist having produced in excess of 70 t of Au Pitcairn et al. 2014 and containing reserves in excess of 160 t at approximately 1.1 gt OceanaGold 2015. Scheelite is currently not recovered during the current mining

Alluvial Gold Mining Equipment Nz

Alluvial gold mining in Otago, Department of Geology,University of ... Gold mining in Otago required lots of water for sluicing techniques. ... especially the smaller grains, because of inefficiencies in equipment and lack of skill. Read more

The Mercury Content Of Gold In Mesozoic Vein Deposits

The mercury content of gold in Mesozoic vein deposits, Otago, New Zealand D. J. MacKenzie, D. Craw Geology Department, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand email ougeologyotago.ac.nz

Gabriels Gully Lawrence Clutha District Otago Region

Those who could fend off gold fever, probably made more money than many of the alluvial miners by carting goods, opening hotels, stores etc. Many of the solid colonial buildings seen in Otago towns were built during the gold rush days. Most fields were short lived, as after a couple of years the near surface alluvial gold had been worked out.

Looking For Gold In Gold Fossicking Areas New Zealand

Gold mining normally requires a permit from NZPampM, however 19 areas in historic South Island gold mining regions have been set aside in Nelson-Marlborough, the West Coast and South and Central Otago - where you can freely enjoy recreational gold mining without the need for a permit. Alluvial gold found in soil and sediments, usually around ...

Pdf Structural And Lithological Variation Around

2 Geology Department, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ . 3 School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment, ... Central Otago, are an area of historic, hard rock and alluvial gold mining.

Auaghg And Auag Alloys In Nokomai And Nevis Valley

Southland and Central Otago, New Zealand, and their implications for placer-source relationships JOHN H. YOUNGS ON1 PAUL WOPEREIS2 LUKE C. KERR1 DAVE CRAW1 Geology Department University of Otago P.O. Box 56 Dunedin, New Zealand 2LampM Mining P.O. Box 13442 Christchurch, New Zealand Abstract Gold in Quaternary placers in the Nevis and

Gemma Kerr University Of Otago Dunedin Department

University of Otago Department of Geology ... near-surface exposures and can affect the economics of gold mines by enhancing gold liberation and increasing gold grades. ... of alluvial gold in ...

Gold New Zealand Geographic

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, current annual gold production stands at some 11 t, mainly from industry heavyweights like Oceana Gold, Golden Cross and the Martha mine at Waihi, but also from about 50 other operations, small to-medium-sized alluvial mines which, like the Stewarts of Woodstock, use excavators and mobile gold ...

Reconnaissance Investigation Of The Alluvial Gold

U.S. Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations . Reconnaissance Investigation of the Alluvial Gold Deposits in the North Takhar Area of Interest, Takhar Province, Afghanistan . By Peter G. Chirico, Katherine C. Malpeli, and Thomas W. Moran . Open-File Report 20131180 . USGS Afghanistan Project Product No. 184

Pdf The Mercury Content Of Gold In Mesozoic Vein

Previous studies of alluvial gold in Otago and Southland placer deposits have suggested a gold-mercury association for some deposits derived from Caples Terrane schist, whereas alluvial deposits ...

13 External Links And Sources Gold And Gold Mining Te

Otago gold. The Otago University geology department, Gold research. Recycling and chemical mobility of alluvial gold. This paper PDF, 1.74 MB by J. Youngson and D. Craw, published in the New Zealand Journal of Geology amp Geophysics in 1996, which summarises the occurrence of alluvial gold in Otago.

Structure Geomorphology And Gold Concentration In

alluvial gold accumulation. Keywords gold structure faults central Otago Southland Nevis Cardrona late Cenozoic quartz veins INTRODUCTION New Zealands central Otago goldfield Fig. 1 is well known as an important gold producer for the past 140 years, and the geology of the goldfield has been well documented e.g.,

Quantification And Prediction Of Bulk Gold Fineness At

Nov 19, 2017 minerals Article Quantication and Prediction of Bulk Gold Fineness at Placer Gold Mines A New Zealand Example Dave Craw 1,, Christine McLachlan 1, Marianne Negrini 1 and Noel Becker 2 1 Department of geology, University of Otago, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand chrisjmclachlanyahoo.co.nz C.M. marianne.negriniotago.ac.nz M.N.

Gravel Pumps For Alluvial Gold Mining

Alluvial gold mining in Otago, Department of Geology,University of ... Gold mining in Otago required lots of water for sluicing techniques. ... Alluvial gold occurs as loose particles in the gravel, and is therefore easy to separate ... The advent of cheap and portable motor-driven pumps has made some of

Waipori Clutha District Otago Region New Zealand

Alluvial gold was found in quartz pebble gravels. Gold was discovered here by a party of Victorian Australian miners in 1861. The gravels ranged from 40 feet to 150 feet thick. Through the gravels was a deep lead, with thicker gravels, and richer gold in the base,

Cambrians Welshmans Gully Four Mile St Bathans

Cambrians Welshmans Gully Four Mile, St. Bathans, Central Otago District, Otago Region, New Zealand Old alluvial gold workings and coal pits. Cambrians is about 6 kilometres south of St. Bathans, and a short distance off the St. Bathans Loop Road. A collection of original goldfields era, now ...

Jeremy Belcher Contract Geologist Geology Services

Co-managed amp administered a small alluvial mining operation tin and gold. Fairly diverse spectrum of duties that included the siting and installation of a large Wilfley Table and tuning of pulse jigs. ... Geology Department Jan 1985 - Dec 1991 7 years. Otago University ... Min. Tech., but I changed to Geology when they closed the Otago ...

Gold And Sulphide Minerals In Tertiary Quartz Pebble

The Belle-Brook and Parker Road gold placers are characterised by detrital gold and diagenetic sulphides exposed by small-scale alluvial gold mining in Tertiary to recent non-marine QPC. At Waimumu the QPC are unmetamorphosed, poorly lithified, relatively undeformed, and are unlikely to have been buried more than 100 m since deposition.

Show Mines Of New Zealand Macraes Mine

Today there are half a dozen mines, both undrground and open pit, producing between 162,000 and 185,000 ounces of gold per year. The Macraes mine is the largest active gold mine in New Zealand. Initially it was expected to bear gold for 10 years of operation, but at the moment the remaining gold is estimated to last 35 years.

Alluvial Gold Mining In Otago Gold In Otago Department

Alluvial mining is technically simpler than hard-rock mining, so alluvial mining dominated Otagos gold mining history. Alluvial gold occurs as loose particles in the gravel, and is therefore easy to separate because of the high density of the gold. Many of the earliest alluvial mines were extremely rich 10s or even 100s of grams of gold per tonne of gravel, but most gravels had at most a few grams of gold

Alluvial Gold Along The Northeast Otago Margin Geology

Regional geology. Map of Central Otago, with the principal faults red on the northeastern margin. Yellow localities are historic alluvial gold mines in quartz gravel deposits. The Kyeburn deposits are Eocene 40 million years old and the others are Miocene 20 million years old. Gold eroded from the vein systems and altered schist, such as the deposits at Oturehua and Macraes, accumulated with

Gold In Otago Department Of Geology University Of Otago

Gold-bearing quartz veins are exposed at the surface on the hills in the distance, and alluvial gold workings are scattered in the streams in the foreground. Historically, the Geology Department grew out of the Otago School of Mines which was an important part of the University of Otago during the gold rushes and subsequent gold mining industry.

Hardrock Gold Mining In Otago Gold In Otago Department

Historically, hard-rock mining was a minor part of the gold mining industry in Otago because it is a very capital-intensive process. First the quartz had to be blasted from the bedrock schist, in tunnels of underground mines. Ore was crushed in water to a fine slurry in large stamping batteries. The gold liberated at this stage was then dissolved in mercury or cyanide and extracted.

Environmental Aspects Of Mining Gold In Otago Gold In

Home. Research. Gold. Gold in Otago. 1. Island Block alluvial gold mine near Roxburgh after rehabilitation. The mine was developed in an old channel of the Clutha River flats in foreground which was abandoned thousands of years ago. During the mining operation, a hole more than 20 metres deep was dug progressively downstream, and the excavated gravel was used to backfill the hole after the